Growing peppers


I grow beautiful bell peppers, shepherd peppers and chilli peppers. Unfortunately when I cut them open they are full of worms. This is heartbreaking. Is there some kind os spray that I can use to prevent or eliminate the infestation of worms in my peppers? I also grow all kinds of vegetables and they are fine.

Thank you for your help and best regards.



There are a few possibilities for your worms, and you’ll find suggestions for dealing with them in  Integrated Pest Management Series: Pepper from the University of Maryland  extension service. The main strategy is regular inspection of the fruit, looking for entry holes, then picking and disposal of any infested fruit.

It’s also important to practice crop rotation to avoid replanting your peppers in the same spot from year to year where insect pests might be overwintering. This is true of all members of the nightshade family – which also includes tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant. In other words, don’t plant your peppers (or any nightshades) in the place where any of them were growing the year before. The University of Wisconsin extension service has a useful fact sheet that explains crop rotation for home gardeners.

Good luck with your peppers this season.