Growing vegetables in my balcony garden


I’m interested in trying to grow Brussels Sprouts in my balcony garden. I understand that a summer planting will yield an early fall harvest, and I was curious as to whether there were any nurseries or farms in the area that sell seedlings for this purpose. I would be planting in a 12″x12″ container, and on a patio that sits in approximately 6-7 hours of sunlight per day.



My favourite vegetable!  I’d suggest that you call around to nurseries to see if they still have seedlings available or know of suppliers who might. As it is late in the season (June 30), it may be difficult to find seedlings, as most will have been purchased or planted by now.   While we generally do not have information about gardening/plant suppliers, and are not in a position to suggest specific businesses to contact, you might want call your local nursery, or garden centres such as Humber Nurseries,  Mason House Gardens, Sheridan Nurseries, and Valleyview Gardens, any of which might be helpful.

There’s a good Fact Sheet, “Container vegetable gardening” from Ohio State University Extension.   And here’s a link to an earlier question we answered about balcony gardening, which brings up issues to consider if your balcony is on a high floor.  Note that several references indicate that a larger container is better; you may want to re-think the 12 inch container, and try at least a 16 inch one.