Hally Jolivette Cherry



I am wondering if anybody had successfully grown Hally Jolivette Cherry in Toronto.  I noticed that it should be hardy enough, but its distribution in US is way south of the border.


The Ornamental cherry is naturally hardy to Zone 5 but may survive in Zone 4.   Very cold winters and temperature fluctuations may damage flower buds.  Plant in full sun in an airy open spot away from strong winds

The Hally Jolivette, a hybrid cultivar is generally a densely branched shrub often wider than tall.  Small leaves are glossy green and may develop yellow-bronze fall colour.  The double, 1.25 inch wide flowers have pink buds and its early blooms open to a pinkish white and bloom for a 10-20 day period.  It is fast growing and adaptable to Zones 5 to 7.  Toronto hardiness zone has recently been changed to 6a-7a as recently published in McKenny et al.  Change and Evolution in the Plant Hardiness Zones Of Canada, in BioScience, April 2014 (64) 4.

The best time to plant is in Spring.  Good Luck.

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