Hardy chrysanthemums – for indoors?*


Are the hardy mums available in grocery stores annuals?  Can they be grown indoors


It is sometimes difficult to tell if you have a chrysanthemum that is an annual (i.e., not hardy in our climate) or a perennial. For example, I had a mum purchased from a grocery store that survived outdoors for many winters.  I’ve tried to grow other such mums outdoors with no luck!

SF Gate’s How to Keep Mums Alive Inside provides helpful advice on how to keep your mum happy indoors.

Gardening Know How’s Indoor Mum Care: Growing Chrysanthemums Indoors discusses that while it is possible to grow mums indoors, it may be hard to get them to bloom again – they need temperatures of 60 degrees F (15 degrees C) to form buds and 55 degrees F (12 degrees C) to develop flowers. You may need to bundle up in several layers of sweaters to accommodate these plants!