Hardy Climbing Roses that are japanese bettle resistant


Dear Graden Expert,

I greatly appreciate it if you can let us know two hardy climbing roses varieties in deep pink and deep red that won’t attract Japanese beetle and are disease resistant and flower profusely a few times a year that is long blooming.

I tried Lincoln ad several floribundas and they wrecked my garden with beetle

I am attaching the roses in my neighborhood that seem to be doing well. What are these?

(A Gardner near me guessed them as appear to be John Cabot and Martin Frobisher (soft pink). How about trying John Cabot (deep pink) and Alexander Mackenzie (deep red)).

Can you please suggest the best roses I can plant to get the brightest stunning pink and red colors and that flowers profusely and several times a year, is disease resistant and asp won’t be attacked by Japanese beetles, and the petals won’t be easily shaken off by the wind and rain!. We love roses and are trying not to give up on our desire to have roses in our garden. I am attaching the front and back gardens in our home (both get evening or morning sun in a fair amount).

And where and when I can get them and the price?

Thanks so much

Have a great day


Hello and thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners. The article below gives detailed information on Japanese Beetles, which you may find interesting to read. The last 2 pages have chemical treatments, most of which are not available for our use here in Ontario.


There are more natural methods to use: treat turf and rose beds with milky spore to kill beetle grubs (will take a few years to work), apply beneficial nematodes to the soil, shake affected plant parts over a bucket of soapy water to knock off the beetles.

There are no roses bred yet specifically for resistance to Japanese Beetles. Your best bet will be to choose roses that are known to be disease resistant, as you have suggested with the Canadian Explorer and Parklands series of roses. The following article by the Canadian Rose Society lists some easy to grow climbing roses and the two you suggested are listed there – John Cabot and Alexander Mackenzie.


The Explorer and Parkland series of rose were developed by Agriculture Canada at the Morden Reseach Station in Manitoba. Most of these are shrub roses but they could also be shorter climbing roses. They were bred for cold tolerance and disease resistance.

Roses in the Explorer series are: Martin Frobisher, Jens Munk, Henry Hudson, John Cabot, David Thompson, John Franklin, Champlain, Charles Albanel, William Baffin, Henry Kelsey, Alexander Mackenzie, John Davis, J.P. Connell, Captain Samuel Holland, Frontenac, Louis Jolliet, Simon Fraser, George Vancouver, William Booth.

Roses in the Parkland Series are Morden Centennial, Morden Sunrise, Winnipeg Parks, Cuthbert Grant, Emily Carr and Felix Leclerc.

I don’t know the colours of these roses, but you could look them up on the internet by group, Parkland or Explorer, and perhaps get pictures of them in a few articles.

Unfortunately, Toronto Master Gardeners are not specifically familiar with the stock at local garden centres nor do we provide individual names of retail outlets. Call or visit a reputable garden centre or nursery in the Toronto area of which there are quite a few. Check out Landscape Ontario’s website at www.landscapeontario.com for names of companies. If you choose “Contact a Company”, select “garden centres” and search “Toronto, Ontario”. A list should appear which includes contact information.

I hope you have been able to get some useful information from this. I personally have Graham Thomas (buttery yellow) and New Dawn (pale pink) climbing roses. They are resistant to Japanese beetles and other diseases and bloom sporadically all summer, but spring bloom is the biggest. They are blooming profusely right now.