Hardy groundcover for full sun, between permeable pavers


I have just installed permeable pavers on a slight slope from my garage to alley, which is in full sun, in the Annex in Toronto. I am wondering about Dymondia (margaretae), if it is the right zone, if it could handle once a day car passage, and if it could spread across pavers. Or another suggestion to green this area.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Looking up the plant  Dymondia margaretae-silver-carpet, it is listed as a plant hardy to zones 9 to 11, which excludes it as a ground cover candidate for a Toronto drive way. We are in a Zone 6 minus Landscape Ontario Plant Hardiness Zone

Our website lists short ground covers that can be placed between pavers,  Groundcovers between flagstones   LAWN ALTERNATIVES AND ORGANIC CARE OF GROUNDCOVERS   Broadleaf Evergreen Groundcovers.

Having provided the list of available groundcovers for permeable pavers, is there a groundcover that can outlive daily vehicle passage?  I was not able to locate a groundcover or know of a groundcover that can take daily car passage. I did notice that there are depressions in the permeable pavers where the car wheels would not be sitting directly on the plants and that may allow growth of  some of the listed groundcovers.

Happy Gardening