Hardy kiwi


Hi, I live on the 28th floor of a condo in downtown Toronto. I have 2 large hardy kiwi vines that are currently starting to flower. My male kiwi died a couple of years ago and the replacement has not flowered yet. Does anyone know of any male hardy kiwi growing in the Toronto area where I could get a few flowers or a small branch to pollinate my flowers?


Congratulations on what must be a beautiful balcony garden!

If you are a Facebook user, we would suggest that you join the Master Gardeners of Ontario Facebook page, and ask your question there, where it will reach a very large audience, and hopefully someone who lives in the Toronto area will have some male flowers to offer you.  It is an active forum with upwards of 20,000 members who are an interested and helpful group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/MasterGardenersofOntario/about

Thanks for your question, and we wish you all success in your quest for pollination.

June 9, 2021