I would like to plant a hedge along a busy east west main road in Toronto and so have to think about it’s ability to deal with snow, road salt etc. I would like a beech hedge. Would you please let me know if you think it would be suitable for these conditions. Other suggestions would be welcome. Many thanks.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Unfortunately, beech has a low tolerance to salt spray and would not be suitable for the location you specified. This link gives a list of  salt tolerant trees and shrubs.

Without knowing your soil type (clay, sandy, loamy) and the amount of light/water your hedge will receive it is difficult for me to give you specific recommendations.

Looking at the list of salt spray tolerant plants you might consider, privet, or Hedge Maple (Acer campestre) depending on your growing conditions both can be trimmed into a neat hedge.