Hedging trees for small backyard in Toronto


Hi, I live in Toronto, ON. I have a rather small backyard (40ft x 25ft)

I would like to plant a deciduous tree(s) as a privacy hedge from the neighbour. I would like something that has non-invasive roots to protect the fence posts from shifting/uprising and the same with patio interlocking pavers. My preference is columnar type narrow trees with foliage above the fence line. I have a 3-4 feet gap between the fence and my patio. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks for your help!


This sounds like a tight space but below you will find a short list of deciduous Columnar trees that could work in your circumstances, but bear in mind you may have to do some pruning from time to time to keep them neat & tidy.

  1. Beech – ‘Red Obelisk’
  2. Sweetgum – ‘Slender Silhouette’
  3. Purple Leaf Plum – Crimson Pointe
  4. Oak – Kindred Spirit
  5. Apple – Golden Sentinel or Scarlet Sentinel

Hope this helps.