I have a number of beautiful lenten roses, hellebores. I have read up information that differs from person to person, site to site. Is it safe to move them, dig them up and replant in another location? I have heard from many people that you must never do this; others say they have tremendous success.


Hello and thank you for your question.

Hellebores are generally “easygoing” plants and need little maintenance.  Established Hellebores like well-composted moist soil and a trim to their annual leaves.   Hellebores prefer a part shade or full shade location.  They should be fertilized twice a year, once after flowering and again in the autumn.

The Royal Horticultural Society in the UK recommends that Hellebores are best left to mature into large clumps (similar to hostas). New plants may be obtained by dividing clumps. Fall or early spring would be the best time to transplant rather than summer at which time they will be under more stress.

Planting Hellebores too deep can inhibit flower production (similar to peonies).  The crown of the plant should be just covered with soil.  The plants should be watered regularly each week for the first year during the growing season.


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