Plant ID- Lunaria


I’m still getting to know my garden so I’d appreciate help identifying this plant that popped up all over my garden in may (see attached ). Since this photo purple a purple flower has bloomed on each plant with 4 petals on rach flower. Your help is greatly appreciated .


I’m glad you’re enjoying the surprises coming up in your garden.  Unfortunately your photo is not very clear, so I’m making a suggestion of what it could be based on your flower description and this early time of year bloom.

It looks like Lunaria annua (often called Honesty or Money plant) because of its four purple flower petals which later will produce papery thin seed heads which are round and look like a silver coin.)

Lunaria can self seed  a lot if the last year’s seed heads were left on the plant and fell on your garden soil.

If so, keep the ones that seem to you to be in a desired place, and pull out any of the rest if you don’t want them dotted about.

Lunaria is attractive in the garden and a  unique addition to a vase with other flowers or just on its own.