Hibiscus – Canadian information sources


Does anybody sell exotic trpical hibiscus in canada. Example Hidden Valley Hibiscus and logess in the Unites States…??


As Master Gardeners, it is not our policy to recommend one business over another.

We therefore suggest you contact a large nursery in your local vicinity and ask them where they source their tropical plants.

If they cannot be of help to you, we suggest you contact Landscape Ontario to ask their advice on sourcing hibiscus in particular, see the link to their website below:

Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association – Landscape Ontario (horttrades.com)

As you do not say where you are located within the province, a list of local GTA Horticultural Societies can be found in the link below.  These organizations are a tremendous resource as their membership have diverse interests and expertise. It may be as easy as sending off an email to the contact person of a particular group in order to find the answer you seek.

GARDENTORONTO.CA Toronto Horticultural Societies

Hope this helps.