Hibiscus moscheutos


My hibiscus moscheutos, below has for several years looked like this …the leaves hang down
and it appears to need water. The lower leaves yellow and I cut them off but I’m wondering
what ails it. The surrounding plants are all fine. We do have an irrigation system and it is in full sun.
I have even moved it a couple of times to no avail. There is a black walnut tree 3 backyards
away and I thought maybe it was a juglone problem but I can’t find anywhere that this plant is sensitive to juglone. The blooms are ok but I notice a lot of buds are set and then a couple at the tip of each shoot always yellow and dry up. Any ideas?



Bud drop and excessive yellowing of leaves are common problems of the rose mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos) and are probably due to lack of water during the blooming period. Rose mallows are native to damp areas and need constantly moist, rich soil for best growth.


Plant the Hibiscus in sandy or loamy soil for good drainage and mulch to maintain an even level of moisture, as they should never completely dry out. Also fertilize them frequently with a water-soluble 10-10-10 and ensure that the soil is enriched with organic matter.


Also note that they don’t like disturbance to their roots, so perhaps you should let it remain in one place.


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