Holes in my garden


Overnight, something has dug about 8 holes like the ones in the picture in three different gardens. None of our plants have been disturbed. We have lots of chipmunks and squirrels but we’ve never seen them dig holes unless they are planting nuts in the fall. We live in central Etobicoke and have lot of wildlife including skunks, racoons, rabbits, and the occasional opossum, fox or coyote. Do you recognize the hole and is there anything I can do to dissuade an animal from digging in my garden? Thanks in advance. You folks provide a great service.


Thanks for your question.  Please note that as Toronto Master Gardeners, we answer gardening questions only for those whose gardens are in the city of Toronto.  You will see that we highlight this at the top of our website page. Please check the Master Gardeners of Ontario website  to find your local Master Gardener group.  You’ll find link to the Etobicoke Master Gardeners – they should be able to help you with your question.  Consider also contacting the Toronto Wildlife Centre.