What is the best honeysuckle to plant in wasaga beach.

and any other information that I need


The municipality of Wasaga Beach being within hardiness zone 6a, there is a vast array of honeysuckle vines/bushes you can plant. It is difficult to recommend particular species or varieties since we do not have any information about your planting site (e.g. the amount and quality of sun light it receives, its soil being sandy or clay, dryness/wetness, if the site is exposed or sheltered, etc.). However, please avoid planting the following types of honeysuckle because they are considered invasive in Ontario:

  • Japanese honeysuckle (vine) Lonicera japonica
  • Winter honeysuckle (bush) L. fragrantissima
  • Tatarian honeysuckle (bush) L. tatarica
  • Amur honeysuckle (bush) L. maackii
  • Morrow honeysuckle (bush) L. morrowii
  • Bells honeysuckle (bush) L.× bella
  • European fly honeysuckle (bush) L. xylosteum

That still leaves you with many other choices that offer beauty and hummingbird-attractiveness. Here are some wonderful native/non-invasive honeysuckles for you to consider:

  • Dropmore Scarlett honeysuckle (vine) Lonicera x brownii ‘Dropmore Scarlett’
  • Goldflame honeysuckle (vine) L. x heckrotti
  • Dutch honeysuckle (vine) L. periclymenum
  • Coral honeysuckle (vine) L. sempervirens
  • Bush honeysuckle (bush) Diervilla lonicera [native to Ontario, and many cultivars exist]
  • Fly honeysuckle (bush) Lonicera canadensis

Honeysuckles generally prefer moist, well-drained, slightly alkaline soil, although they are tolerant of drier conditions; full sun is preferable for best flowering. The native bush honeysuckle is the most forgiving of drier and shadier conditions, and many new cultivars boast colourful foliage.

We wish you the best of luck in choosing and cultivating your honeysuckle plant in Wasaga Beach.