Hornbeam Hedge


I have 2’ between my property line fence and a concrete pad… The concrete pad has a 5’ tall swim spa on it (Master Spas Trainer 15D). I need privacy from terrible neighbours. I would like a hedge to surpass my 6’ wood fence. Would you recommend planting a hornbeam hedge in this area? If not, what would work well in this space. This area currently has 5 inches of mulch, which sits on top of soil. With the swim spa now on the concrete pad, this area is mostly shaded, however any type of planting that is greater than 5 feet in height, would benefit from the partial shade, partial sun of this area.


Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.  Both European and American hornbeams would do well as a hedge in your setting.  The challenge is the pruning the trees will need to create the hedge.  For information on creating hornbeam hedges please review this previous Toronto Master Gardener post:


Two evergreen choices that would also work well include: Thuja occidentalis, (northern white cedar) or various species of Taxus (yew)

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