Hosta Anomaly


Good morning,
I have been growing Hosta’s successfully in my gardens for years. This year, one of them has produced what I will call a “spike”, not the typical shoots for flowering that they produce later in the season. I am wondering what is going on. From the stalk of this spike, it is producing flowers coming out of the leaves, connected to the stem. I am not concerned, just wondering what this anomaly is.


Thank you for your question. Like you I’ve had Hostas in my garden for a number of years. My family call me a “hostaholic”.

From your picture, I believe your plant is growing what’s called a fasciation. A similar question has been submitted to this site, so I’ve posted a link to both the question and answer below:

If you are interested in seeing how fasciation affects other plants have a look at the following:

Enjoy your garden!