Houseplants to grow in low light basement


I have a planter in the basement and would like to put live plants in it. There are pot lights but no window light and no opportunity to add other lighting. What can you suggest?



With the limited light conditions in the basement area, growing live plants may be a challenge. But, here are some house plants that will tolerate low light conditions:

Aglaonema costatum , Spotted Chinese Evergreen

Heart-shaped leaves with white spots.  Easy to grow.  Grows slowly to about  10” high.  Medium to low light.  Water moderately, letting the soil dry out slightly between watering.  In high to medium light situations, fertilize once per month  during growth periods. However,  in your low light environment feed much less.  Night temperatures 65-70 degrees.  Daytime 75-85 degrees.

Aspidistra elatior, Cast Iron Plant

Easy to grow.  In ideal conditions can grow to 3’ tall. In your low light room, the plant would not likely get that tall. Keep the soil barely moist all the time. In low light, fertilize only once per year in the growing season. Variegata has green and white stripes but needs medium to bright light to maintain this colour.

Cissus rhombifolia, Grape Ivy

Vine-like. Easy to grow.  Prefers bright indirect light but will tolerate low light. Water it thoroughly but let soil become moderately dry between watering. Fertilize during the growth periods but with the low light, reduce the level of fertilization. Put a layer of pebbles in the bottom of the container, as the plant need good drainage.

Epipremnum aureum, Pothos, Devil’s Ivy

Climbing vine similar to philodendrons.  At low light levels, leaves often lose colour markings and revert to all green. Let soil dry out slightly between watering.  Do not over water.  Fertilize no more than 2-3 times per year and only when plant is actively growing. With new plants wait 4-6 months before feeding.  Night temperatures 65-70 degrees.  Daytime 75-85 degrees.

Ficus pumila, Creeping  Fig Vine

Can tolerate dimmer light than other Ficus.  With Ficus pumila keep soil evenly moist. Also keep away from cold drafts as leaves may drop if plant experiences a sudden change in temperature. Add peat moss to a standard soil mix.