How do I prevent the reoccurrence of wasps?


How do I prevent the re-occurrence of wasps?



Wasps are beneficial but generally considered to be pests because of their sting.  Paper wasps build nests under any horizontal surface such as tree limbs, overhangs, eaves of buildings and beams and supports in attics, garages and sheds.  Yellowjackets commonly build nests below ground in old animal burrows or other cavities.  Exposed nests can be eradicated using a commercial spray which is applied through the opening of the nest in the evening once all of the colony has returned to the nest.  Read and follow label directions carefully and ensure you are well clothed in order to protect yourself.

Preventing reoccurrence can be challenging. A wire or fibre glass mesh can be tacked over places where the wasps might typically nest but there may be many suitable sites.  As wasps have annual colonies that last for only a year, the best approach may be to seek out any new nests early in the season (June) and eradicate it while it is still relatively small.