How do we plant and grow Dutch Hybrid Iris here in Ontario?


I just bought some perennial iris bulbs, and there’s about an inch of growth from the leaf blades. Should I plant them indoors and then outside, or just plant them outside right away? It doesn’t say what to do on the packet.


Plant the iris bulbs out now and enjoy whatever blooms you can get from them this year.  If they are already showing shoots, it is possible they will have late spring blooms.

Dutch hybrids  are excellent cut flowers that are commonly sold by florists. According to the Missouri Botanical Garden website, Dutch iris bulbs are usually short-lived. In order to insure consistent flowering from year to year, bulbs may be dug and divided after bloom or supplemental bulbs may be planted each fall. Another option is to grow this iris as an annual and plant new bulbs each fall.

Good luck with your iris bulbs!