How to / can I trim a damaged globe cedar?


My mother lives in Sault Ste Marie and has two globe cedars planted in front of her house. A couple of winters ago, the covers were not installed correctly and the snow sliding off the roof fell heavily onto the cedars. The outside of the cedars looks good, but each one has a big hole in the middle now. When I look up information on pruning or trimming globe cedar, I don’t see this situation addressed. Is there a way to prune, trim so that the middle will regenerate?



That is a frustrating situation. You should trim away any dead or damaged branches and if it is possible to tie the branches back together again. This might help to improve the overall shape of the shrubs. It generally takes cedars a few years to fill in when they have been damaged. You could also try pruning the soft new growth in the spring by about half its length to encourage new branching and growth. In the early spring you can fertilize with something like 10-8- 6. Make sure not to fertilize after the end of June as the new growth will not have time to mature and harden off before winter.