How to find where to buy plants


Hello I see a lot of questions of where to buy specific plants in Ontario and perhaps a section on Where to buy or Instructions on finding where to buy would be helpful.
I looked at the Landscape Ontario website as suggested on this site, but my search for Verbena lists articles only. I don’t see anywhere on the LO site for how to search for a nursery selling a particular plant. Can you please suggest how to find a plant for sale without calling every nursery?


Thanks for your suggestion for a resource that helps gardeners identify or research sources for specific plants.  This would be helpful to those who are just starting out, and those who are looking for something more specialized.

Most verbenas sold in Toronto area nurseries are grown as annuals, since they are not winter hardy in our zone.  A few varieties, such as Verbena bonariensis, a tall form with ball-shaped purple flowers, are sold as tender perennials: although this variety does not live over the winter, it is a reliable self-seeder in our zone.  The perennial Verbena hastata, blue vervain, is native to North America.  Perhaps you are looking for the showy annual Verbena varieties which are prolific bloomers and are very popular as bedding plants or trailing specimens in containers.  New hybrids are being introduced every year, so you should not have much trouble finding at least a few varieties in the larger nurseries if you visit without calling beforehand.  Many of the larger Toronto area nurseries have websites with a plant search function which will show you the plants they carry, so a few minutes online may save you some phone calls.  A look at the Landscape Ontario site can pinpoint the nurseries closest to you; you can narrow down your search from there.