How to get frangipani to bloom more indoors


My plant seems healthy but is not blooming much. Is there anything I should do to help it to bloom more?


Make sure that your plant is in nearly direct sunlight for at least 6 and preferable 8 hours a day. Putting the plant in a black pot will raise the root heat, which is beneficial for this plant. Water it only when needed,  letting it get slightly dry between waterings. Do not let it stay damp; it is subject to root rot. Fertilize once a month during the active growing period (April-August), using a fertilizer with a higher phosphorus (centre) number.

If you put your frangipani outdoors during the summer months, you must be certain night-time temperatures are above 13 deg. C (55 deg. F). If there is a cool spell, bring it indoors as it will not tolerate the cold. More good, detailed information about frangipani (Plumeria sp) care may be found here: