How to grow strawberries, asparagus and grapes


I am building some raised beds in the my garden in Mississauga, but I am new to growing food. Is it too late to plant these in July? Seeds or plants or what?   I have planted some vegetable seeds in the beds but it seems to be a slow process! Can you explain how to grow all three of these plants?


Well, that’s a tall order! All these plants are very difficult for a home gardener to grow from seed. Unfortunately, it is too late for asparagus; you will be unlikely to find any crowns in the garden centres at this late date. You may find some strawberry plants in small pots, which you can transplant. And grape vines will still be available in the garden centres. We are entering the very hottest part of the year, so you will have to be diligent about watering these plants should you plant them now.

All three types of plants have special planting and maintenance requirements. I have provided links to some good guides below.

Asparagus    Strawberries   Grapes

May I suggest that since you are new to growing edibles, that you wait to plant these three until next spring? Meanwhile, prepare your beds to make them ready for the spring. You will also have to erect some kind of structure for your grapevine.

You might also like to take some courses on growing edibles. Those offered by the Toronto Botanical Garden in spring and summer are over now, but make sure to check the new program guides as they are published each season.

Toronto Master Gardeners speak at many venues throughout the year; often on the subject of growing vegetables. Check the Events calendar on this website regularly to see where and when.

And do you know that you have your very own Master Gardener group in Mississauga? Here’s a link to their information.