How to identify trees at Allan Gardens Conservatory?


I walk frequently through Allan Gardens with my kids. Where can I find the list of species of trees there? So I can read more about them in botany books. Thanks.


Thank you for writing to the TMG.

As you, and many of our readers may be aware, the Allan Gardens Conservatory, of prized historical value to the City of  Toronto, is open to the public 365 days of the year.  From 10AM to 5PM daily. And, fortunately, you and your children have the opportunity to visit so frequently ! The conservatory comprises 16,000 sq.ft. of greenhouse space, including the Palm House, Tropical Landscape House, and the cacti and succulents.

You’re looking for a list of the species of trees housed within the Gardens: I would suggest contacting the Gardens directly: 416-392-7288.

Here is a link to the Allan Gardens information site. and we hope this helps with your interest in tree identification.