Tomatoes and Calcium


Today I plucked a couple of small unripe tomatoes from the vines, and at the garden store had it confirmed that my fruits had blossom end rot. I guess this is occurring because of all the recent rain Toronto has been experiencing.

Using tomato craters with my plants makes it a cumbersome process to apply dry bone meal, as I have to dismantle the tomato crater, then apply the bone meal to the soil, and then put the tomato crater back together again. Given this, I think that bone meal tea would be the ideal solution, as I can just pour it onto the stem. I am wondering how to best make this concoction, and hoping that you can tell me?



I’m assuming you want to add bone meal to the soil around your tomatoes to increase the calcium content.  Blossom end rot is indeed caused by a calcium deficiency in soil that is related to fluctuations to soil moisture not to the lack of calcium .  It is the lack of consistent moisture that is preventing the uptake of calcium.  So save your bone meal. A deep weekly watering can stave off the problem in addition to removing affected fruit.  I have included a link for your information on tomato diseases and disorders.


Tomato Diseases and Disorders 

Compost Tea


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