Hydrangea bush


I live in SW Ontario
My hydrangea bush did not flower this year.
I did not prune it last year or this spring. Would this be the reason for no blooms?
When should I prune it to get it ready for next season?
Thank you for your help.


There are many different species and varieties of hydrangeas and depending on whichSpecies of hydrangea you have will determine how and when it is pruned.

If your hydrangea had blue or pink flowers, Hydrangea macrophylla, cold winters at the northern edge of its growing range or late spring freeze can ruin the developing flower buds. This results in most of the new growth arising from the roots. Hydrangea macrophyllla flower buds develop on old wood, stems that have been on the hydrangea the summer before the current season Once the stems are damaged in a late freeze, new flowers will not appear until the following year year.

Mophead or lace cap hydrangeas bloom on old wood and produce their flower buds around August- October for the following summer. If stems are pruned in the fall, winter or spring , the bloom buds will be removed.  With mophead hydrangeas all dead stems can be prunned out year. After the plant is at least 5 years old, about 1/3 of the older stems can be removed to revitalize the plant. To reduce a plants size, it may be cut back in June or July without harming next years bloom.