Overwintering unplanted perennials


Just not up to it. Ornamental grasses mostly on sale and impulse shopped. How can I protect them over the winter?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

It is wonderful you managed to get plants on sale. I think we have all had the problem of not having the time to get out and plant them.

There are two routes you can go in hopes of saving them for next year. The main problem with plants surviving over the winter is temperature change and plants freezing and thawing repeatedly over the winter.

I am not sure what your resources are or what space you have available. There is the possibility of storing them in a cool place like a garage with more constant temperatures and hope they over winter. You may need to further insulate them if it gets very cold.

Another route would be to  dig a temporary hole in a well protected area of your garden and put all the perennials in a row and put soil back around them. Mulching them with leaves or bought mulch will help to protect them. When the spring comes you can then dig them up and move them to their permanent home. I have had success with this method in the past.

I am including a link to an earlier Master Gardener question for you to refer to.

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Good luck, I hope this helps.