I.D. required of a tree


There is a stand of trees that I’ve never come across before. Royal Botanical Gardens could not verify what it is. They are located on Halls Rd…a rural road in Whitby, ON. I assume they are young trees because of height and because I first noticed them 2 yrs ago due to the fruit. Hers are my photos. The fruit is about 2″ long. I have photos of bark, leaves , the stand of trees and fruit cut open. Let me know how to send them all ..thank you, Bonita O’Carroll


After many heads were scratched, we’re sorry to say that we don’t have a definitive answer for you as the photo isn’t clear enough to show us the leaves, branching or bark of the trees.  What we suggest is you take a look at the link below which is an interactive mapping of the native trees in Ontario.  From this you should be able narrow the field down by comparing the leaves and fruit shown to what is at the plants location.

Tree Atlas | Ontario.ca

Hope this is helpful in your search for identifying these trees.