I need a gardener


I’m not sure if this is the right website but I’m a small business in Toronto and have a really small patch of garden out front . I’m looking to pay a gardener once a month to maintain it . Can you steer me in the right direction where I might find a person ?


Master Gardeners cannot recommend specific companies or individuals for paid work.  We are volunteers with a mandate to educate the public about gardening and horticultural issues.

Your small commercial yard seems perfect for a local gardener. If your area has a local newspaper, most have a classified section at the back with many gardeners, landscape designers etc….  Another option, is to post a sign in a local garden centre or community centre asking for a local gardener to help you.

If you require more than maintenance,  hardscaping such as pathways, decks or patios, you might want to consider a company that specializes in landscape design.  If you go to landscapeontario.com  and chose the tab, contact a company.  There are many accredited companies listed there.