Icy conditions outside affecting indoor plants


I was away for a couple of weeks and the unusually cold weather took a great toll on the many plants I have in a downstairs room. Many died. What can I do to help the ones that are still alive?


Plants near a window may freeze in the exceptional cold we’ve been having, so it’s important to either move them away from a cold or drafty window or place a barrier between them and the cold — curtains, shades or a piece of cardboard, for example. If possible, move the plants to a warm room with natural light.

If a plant has been damaged, remove any dead leaves and branches. Water normally and be careful not to overwater, which is sometimes the tendency when a plant is ailing. Overwatering will only further stress the plant. Keep a tender eye on the plant while it’s recovering.

Don’t fertilize until the plant has shown some new growth and is looking healthy again.