ID Assistance with Unusual Vining Shrub


2015-11-20 15.45.52When I went for a walk in my neighbourhood, I noticed an unusual fruiting vining shrub – well over 10 feet tall. If is still in full leaf even though it’s mid-Nov. What attracted my attention it’s unusual fruit – a white “shell” from which 3 orange berries were protruding. Can you assist me with an ID on this plant?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

The vine you found is a Winter Creeper, Euonymous fortunei. There are shrub forms as well as vine forms. The shrub forms are much more common.

Many of the plants in the Euonymous genus are evergreen including the Winter Creeper. It originally came from Asia and grows in zones 5-9. Unfortunately it has become an invasive species in warmer climates in the Eastern US but is not on an invasive list for Ontario. We are at the top end of its range.

I have included a link below  with some information on the plant.