Plant id – Bergenia


I am new to gardening and just moved in to a new house and don’t know what we have in the garden. Grateful if you could help identify the plant below so that I could search how to take care of them. Many thanks.





Thank you for your inquiry. The plant in your photo appears to be a species of  Bergenia. This lovely perennial is  a member of the Saxifragaceae family, native to central Asia.

Bergenias are incredibly hardy, and  form a low clump of semi-evergreen leathery  leaves, which often turn bronze during winter. Short stems of magenta-pink flowers rise above the shiny foliage in mid spring. Do not cut the leaves back in the fall; wait until early spring when the faded leaves can be cut or pulled off the plant. You may need to dead-leaf during dry summers , or if the plant is grown in too much sun, to keep the plants looking their best.

This perennial tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, including some tolerance to drought, but it does not tolerate overly wet conditions.

Plants can be easily divided in the spring  and the rhizomes may require top-dressing of compost if they are  pushing up out of the soil.

Happy Gardening