Identify a plant


I saw this plant in my pot and am trying to identify it


Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.  It is difficult to identify the plant from these little seedlings. We will only publish an answer if a positive identification can be made.

We are happy to attempt to identify plants from photos that meet specific criteria (see below) however please use these suggested resources before you submit a photo:

  1. Use Google Images, but avoid URLs containing Pinterest.
  2. Refer to our archives of previously identified plants – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
  3. Use these sites to help you identify plants:
  4. Download a FREE plant identification app, such as Picture This or iNaturalist, on your smartphone.

If, after exploring the resources above, you still wish to submit another photo, perhaps when the plants have grown some more, it must meet/include the following criteria and details:

  1. CLEAR, CLOSE-UP photo that shows stem, leaves, buds, flower and/or fruit of plant, as applicable.
  2. Give HEIGHT and SPREAD of plant, or approximation.
  3. Indicate WHERE your plant is situated – i.e. growing conditions (such as sun/shade, dry/moist, etc.).
  4. Photo is from the TORONTO area, please (not from your tropical vacation!)