Identifying grapevines


Hello, I live in Dunrobin Ontario (close to Ottawa) and I have a couple of wild vines growing on my property. They look like two different varieties of grapevines; I was wondering if you could confirm this for me. I’ve attached a photo of the first vine with a previous email. I am attaching a photo of the second vine with this email.

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I believe you are correct:  these are likely a couple of different varieties of wild grape, of which there are several in Ontario. The vines in one of your photos appears to have leaves which are more heart-shaped, as opposed to the second photo, in which the leaves appear to be more maple-leaf-shaped, and these are characteristic of Vitus riparia, commonly known as Riverbank or Frost Grape.  Wild grape may be found in woods, on riverbanks, along fences and roadsides and other areas (indeed, it is often found where it is not wanted in orchards, garden edges, and other cultivated areas).

The Toronto Master Gardeners responded to another writer’s question about wild grapes, and I include a link here because it discusses other plants that may be confused with wild grape, including the Canada moonseed, Menispermum canadense, whose fruit is toxic:



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