Indoor orchids


3 questions:
1) Of the two extremes, which do orchids prefer,overwatering or underwatering?
2) Most orchids seem to be planted in clear plastic pots. Is this preferable to other pots?
3) I am contemplating repotting my orchids in larger pots, but was wondering if they prefer to be potbound.


Dear gardener, I have addressed your questions below:

  1. Definitely under watering. Although these beautiful plants thrive in the humid tropics, they have adapted to capture humidity from the air through their roots. Overwatering will just rot them. The best way to water them is once a week well and then let it drain properly over the sink.
  2. The key with orchids is drainage. The specialized plastic orchid pots allow water to drain rapidly and efficiently.
  3. Orchids require repotting when overgrown or, when their medium needs to be changed. When doing so, ensure that you replant the roots just as they were before. For instance, if they were sitting on top, place them in the same way. If they were partially buried, replant them in the same manner. This is because each orchid adapts to its environment and develops accordingly. If you change it drastically, they do not react well to those changes. Also, use a similar medium as the original one.

The Toronto Master Gardeners have put together a guide I thought you may find interesting. Please take a look at it for more information:

Orchids are not difficult to care for and will give you years of enjoyment.

Hope you found the answer to your questions. Please feel free to reach us if you have further inquiries.