Is Curly Doc an invasive species?


Hello! I walk past this ever growing, ever spreading weed/plant on my walk to the library — is it an invasive? If so, do you know if I call 311 will they let the owner of the property know and then would the responsibility be for them to get rid of it? Thank you!


Thank you for the interesting question you have posed to the Toronto Master Gardeners.

We believe this plant to be Curled Doc, also called Curley Doc: (Rumex crispus).

It is on the invasive species list in the United States but not here. It is a weed but not on the invasive species list.

The Ontario bylaw on invasive species can be found here: Ontario bylaw on invasive species.

The bylaw is going through a revision, but I’m afraid that even once it is updated, it is unlikely that Toronto City’s 311 would be responsive to a complaint of this sort. My gentle suggestion is that you approach the owner of the property and tell them that you think the plant is a tripping hazard, and would they mind removing it.

We hope this is helpful.

June 12,2021