Is it possible to get paperwhites to rebloom next year?


I bought 18 large paperwhite bulbs late this fall and enjoyed their blooms greatly. I have cut off the flower stock but the leaves are still green. Is it possible to save the plants and have them bloom again next year?




Most references suggest that this is a challenge and usually recommend tossing the bulbs into the compost once the flowers are over. That includes the Dutch flower grower groups.

However, since they can be planted outdoors in warmer climates, such as in California, and may then bloom the second or 3rd year, you could try treating them in the same way that you do amaryllis plants. What you are aiming to do is nourish the bulbs, replenishing the energy they need to produce new flowers. But, in the case of paperwhites, unlike amaryllis, the process could take several years. The amaryllis instructions can be found here.

Given that the success rate for making paperwhites rebloom is very low and the bulbs are relatively inexpensive, you may feel that this is not worth the effort. But it could also be an interesting experiment! Let us know what happens.