Philodendron or Hoya?


My cousin gave this to me. This plant is from 1960/1970 from my aunt. I have searched the internet and this is the only thing that I have come up with. It is in a clay pot and probably has not been repoted in many many years. The plant sits in indirect light all day. When I first brought the plant home all of the leaves were dark. Many of the now are turning a lighter green almost yellow.
Is this plant safe to repot now? Do you have any suggestions how to repot it? I would also like to take a clipping of it. Please explain how to do that? How often do I water it? Once a week I mist the plant with water and water it.
Any suggestions how to keep this alive for another fifty year would be appreciated. Thank you very much.


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The plant you have is known as a Hoya which are easy to grow and care for.  With the right conditions, they will bloom with umbels of white/pinkish, waxy, fragrant flowers that drip a sweet nectar.  The fragrance is particularly strong at night.  These plants prefer sunlight to indirect sun. Soil should be kept moist in the spring/summer but should not be over-watered.  Once a week is fine and the misting is unnecessary except to clean the leaves if desired however, do not mist while budding or blooming.  Allow soil to dry out between waterings during winter months.  Yellowing leaves are a sign of over-watering and pale leaves are a sign that the plant is not getting enough sunlight.  These plant prefer to be somewhat pot-bound.  A bit of houseplant fertilizer in spring and summer may also help with the blooming.

Here’s a link to more information about the Hoya.

Here’s a YouTube video about repotting a Hoya.