Ivy on walls


I’m a first time home buyer and we bought a house with ivy grown. Since we did not like it we took help of a gardner and got rid of the ivy. However, there are still dry ivy stuck to the wall and with a simple pull they do come out but the wall being so big (and high) I’m just wondering if there is any one who could help me remove them. The pressure jet did work to some extent but it did not solve the problem. I’ll probably need a scrapping brush//tool to remove them, but wanted to know if its safe to do it?
Any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners. It sounds like you are having some real troubles with your landscaping and house maintenance. Toronto Master Gardeners does not do private garden consultations like this and this topic is beyond our scope of advice. You can hire a private landscaping company to come to your house and assess your home maintenance needs. Landscape Ontario has a list of maintenance companies that do this type of work. The link to their website is here: https://landscapeontario.com/
Good luck with your home maintenance projects and be sure to inquire about all of your general gardening and horticultural questions on our website.