Jade leaves


Hello there! I have had this Jade for 3 years. She’s giving me lovely cuttings that I’ve turned into new plants. Although what was once a very full close leaves plant is not starting to stretch and lose leaves. I’ve kept the same watering schedule since I’ve had her and I don’t know why she’s dropping leaves! It appears as though 3 of the 4 I have outside are all doing this. One is healthy but she’s significantly smaller a small cutting I’ve had for 4 months. Are you able to tell me why she’s dropping so many leaves? This gift was given to me by my former student who lives in Toronto. Since then she has travelled back home to me to Miami Florida where I have had her since. Anything will help I appreciate the consideration!


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Congratulations on successfully multiplying your treasured jade plant. The description of the youngest plant still having all the leaves makes me wonder if the older plants have gotten root bound and require repotting. As jade plants are very popular, a link to a more detailed review of the plant requirements as well as a link to general repotting are included.

May you enjoy your jade plants for many more years.

Jade Plant Care

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