Jade Tree


Hi I have a Jade Tree and I do not water it often. I just noticed, when I went to water my Jade Tree that the leaves were soft and wrinkled/wilted. I watered it yesterday and the leaves still have not come back. I don’t know if it hasn’t gotten enough sun, or enough water or if it’s root rot. Please help. I have  included a picture as well.







The symptoms caused by underwatering and overwatering are very similar. Hopefully you are seeing some recovery after watering. Be sure to provide a bright location.

Jade plants grow well indoors with plenty of light and less watering in the winter. They prefer to be somewhat pot bound and like to dry out between waterings. Overwatering, or if the plant is left standing in excess water in the saucer, can lead to root rot especially in lower light conditions.  This is more likely to happen in the winter. Does the pot have a drainage hole, for this is crucial. Otherwise, the plant can “drown.”

If you have not seen recovery from watering by now then take a look at the root ball and you may find the problem. This might be a good time to repot the plant but only to a slightly larger sized pot if the root ball is healthy. Examine the root mass and use clean, sharp shears to cut away any dead or diseased areas you might find. Repot in the same sized, clean pot if you had to remove some root mass–make sure it has a drainage hole and use a good-quality soil mix that’s appropriate for succulents. Here are a few links with more details on jade plant care: