Japanese anemone


I saw a new cultivar of Japanese anemone the TBG last week. Couldn’t find the tag. It is in the beds in the parking lot. It is shorter and the pink blooms are double. I would like to know the name and where to get this plant.
Also, where could I get Agastache Blue Boa.



The anemone  in the Entry Garden along the parking lot side, low-growing amongst the origanum is Anemone x hybrida ‘Pretty Lady Diana’ and – and there is another as well – Anemone x hybrida ‘Pretty Lady Susan’ .  Both were planted in June 2012.

We do not provide information as to where to purchase plants.  I suggest that you check with your local garden centre – someone will likely be able to help you or refer you to other sources.  Another strategy – although I don’t recommend purchasing plants over the internet, there is plenty of information on these plants at various websites – you may be able to find a garden centre on-line.