Japanese maple


I’d like to plant a Japanese maple in my front yard and would like to know where to buy one? I’d also like to know if this is a good time to plant one or should I wait until the spring. I live in the beaches area in Toronto.




Choose a local and reputable nursery for plant material. Make sure the plant material and trees are  hardy to the zone in which you live. I would suggest sourcing Japanese maple varieties that are hardy to zone 5 as opposed to zone 6. A hardier Japanese maple suited to zone 5 will have a greater chance of surviving the harsh winters we have here in Toronto. A hardier zone 5 variety is also better suited for a fall planting here in Toronto by the lakeshore.

Here are some Japanese maple survival and planting tips below as suggested by Landscape Ontario:

Mix one part peat moss to three parts of soil in the planting hole, which should be much larger than the root ball. Water heavily at time of planting and mulch the entire area with a two-inch layer of bark or leaves to ensure water retention and keep the roots cool. Only moderate amounts of fertilizer such as a transplanter with a formula in ratio of 5-15-5 should be used at planting time.

Winter protection:
Wrap Japanese maples with burlap for at least the first three years in the garden. In more exposed locations, wrap every year. A heavy watering just prior to freeze-up will help to guard against water loss in winter. An extra heavy layer of mulch will also help to protect the root system.

References: https://landscapeontario.com/japanese-maples