Japanese Maple leaves are pale yellow


This tree is located in the full sun for most the day. It is located in the North Toronto neighbourhood. The leaves were green last year but now those at the top of the tree and end of the branches are pale yellow. It is about 8 feet.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you in advance.


There are many reasons why the leaves on your Japanese maple are turning yellow — wind burn, exposure to extremely hot sun, late spring frost, salt runoff from roadways or excessively alkaline soils, short intense drought periods, or too much full hot sun. Also with all the rain you may want to check that there is adequate draining around the base. Usually the plant is not lost, but the appearance and vigour of the maple is damaged for that season.

For an in-depth article on growing Japanese maples in Toronto see:

https://www.torontomastergardeners.ca/index.php/factsheet/growing-japanese-maples-a-toronto-master-gardeners-guide/  or https://www.japanesemaplesonline.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/home.showpage/pageID/14/index.htm