Japanese Maples


Hi there,

I’m wondering where in Toronto I could buy seeds for Japanese Maple trees within the next week (early February) in Toronto?



Thank you for your inquiry. There are more than 250 cultivars of Japanese Maple trees. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and have a variety of growing conditions. This variation makes  Japanese Maple one of the most versatile plants to add to your landscape design. However, this wide diversity  also tends to complicate the propagation of Japanese Maple because few of the numerous cultivars will be true to the parent plant when grown from seed.

Get the Jump on Spring is an  annual  event held at the Toronto Botanical Garden where seed vendors will have booths. It is held in February. Canada Blooms is held in March, which is another opportunity to source seeds.

You may wish to refer to the following website for additional information:

The Maple Society

Good Luck!