japanses maple blood good in container


Hi I have a Bloodgood Japanese Maple that I purchased last spring.  It did well and it made it through winter and is now beginning to leaf but I find the leaves are droopy.  Its been a week and I don’t see the leaves plumbing up.  It gets about 4-5 hours of direct sun in the morning.  Should I water the container?  I was not sure I did not want to over water due to is may have gotten snow water.


As plants grown in containers generally dry out more quickly than if grown in the ground, you are right to be concerned about over-watering.  Before watering  feel the soil around the root ball to see if it’s dry or moist and water only if it is dry.  Your tree may also be root bound, which could result in drooping leaves.

“Bloodgood” is a large standard cultivar and might not survive for many years in a  container before it will need to be moved to your yard.  However, through judicious pruning of the tree’s roots  and ensuring that it is growing in a suitably sized container you may be able to keep it it a pot for  a number of years.  There is good information growing Japanese Maples in containers, including how to root prune and repot on the webiste of Pacific Coast Maples


As well, here is a link to the Toronto Master Gardeners fact sheet on Japanese Maples which provides a brief description of the diseases that can affect these trees: https://www.torontomastergardeners.ca/index.php/factsheet/growing-japanese-maples-a-toronto-master-gardeners-guide/