Jasmine plant losing its blossoms


I have a jasmine plant that is losing its blossoms within a day or two. Do you know why this is happening? Do I require a special fertilizer? Thanks


There are many plants which go by the name jasmine, including over 200 species in the genus jasmine, as well as other plants such as Madagascar jasmine, Cape jasmine and Brazilian jasmine, all of which originate the the tropical areas of the world and generally share white scented flowers.  Jasmin polyanthum, is one of the most common and a climbing vine with tubular flowers in the spring and winter.  Given our climate, I assume  your jasmine is a houseplant, although you may have moved it outside for the warmer weather.

Irrespective of what particular jasmine plant you have, blossom drop is typically caused by inconsistent watering and/or inconsistent temperatures.   Make sure that if you are moving the plant from the house to the garden or back, or between rooms in your house that the temperature in the two locations are the same or similar as rapid temperature changes can cause bud drop.  Also, when watering make sure that you are not watering too often.  If growing in a container, the container should have drainage holes and only be watered when the top few inches of the soil are dry.  You can try and maintain consistent humidity around the plant by placing a dish of pebbles filled with an inch or so of water under the container. If your jasmine is growing outside, make sure that the soil around the plant is not allowed to dry out, but is not sitting in standing water.

Although it is unlikely that your blossom drop is caused by a nutrient deficiency, you can encourage a strong healthy plant by applying a fertilizer high phosphorus and potassium at least twice a year, and as often as every two weeks during the growing season.