Joe Pye Weed


Can you please tell me if Joe Pye Weed is invasive? Is there a variety with the purple flower that is not invasive? I’m trying to grow a perennial next to Tigers Eye Sumac that would compliment it’s lovely colour.

Thank you.


Dear Gardener,

I agree with you, the chartreuse colour of the Tiger eye Sumac (Rhus typhina ‘Baitiger’) is absolutely lovely, particularly when set in front of a dark backdrop.

I understand your idea of wanting some contrast. Planted in the correct conditions, Joe Pye Weed can be a bit invasive and overpowering. I am assuming that your bed is placed in a sunny or partially sunny location.

I have seen this Sumac successfully combined with Pink Echinacea and Bergenias (pink flowers April-May and for dark leaves contrast under planting). If you are looking for purple contrast, you may want to consider various clumps of plants that would give you colour from July through October. You can plant some Purple Blazing Stars (Liatris ‘Kobold’) which will bloom July-August, some Asters or Michaelmas Daisies which would bloom from August-October.

During the Fall this beautiful shrub becomes orange, bringing some blue or silver foliage into the grouping can also accentuate its colour.

Hope you have found this information helpful.