Juglone tolerant coniferous shrubs


I have the fortune or misfortune of living next door to a huge Black Walnut tree. I would like to plant an evergreen shrub that is about 10 ft tall. My yard is in downtown Toronto has partial shade and the soil drains well. The soil is fairly sandy but has enough organic matter to turn black and mucky in a rain storm. Any thoughts?


Black Walnut trees are beautiful but can present problems for some plants due to juglone, a chemical naturally produced by the black walnut tree (Juglans nigra). Toronto Master Gardeners have created a Gardeners Guide to help with plant selection near a black walnut tree.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has also produced a helpful resource listing plants that are tolerant of juglone:


There are evergreens listed that can tolerate juglone and one to consider for your partial shade location is a Canadian Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis). There are many varieties available.